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  • Q: Why insure my boat with the One-Design Program?
    The One-Design Program affords peace of mind that you, or anyone borrowing your boat, is covered for property damage and personal injury. You will be protected up to the amount of insurance you buy. All One-Design claims are handled by a marine surveyor and if litigation is required, it is handled under maritime law where it belongs, not in civil court where home and auto claims are resolved.
  • Q: Who is eligible to buy insurance through the One-Design Program?
    To be eligible for the One-Design Program, an individual must have a valid continental US address. Non-US residents should contact the program manager for other options.
  • Q: What is my boat worth?
    The One-Design Program will insure your boat for your purchase price. The purchase price includes all the boat equipment, rig, and covers. The purchase price does not include the trailer and/or dolly, as these can be covered separately in the policy.
  • Q: Are sails covered in the One-Design Program?
    Sails can be included in the purchase price, but coverage for sails is excluded from the policy unless they are stolen, damaged by fire or sink. The One-Design Program does not replace blown out or ripped sails.
  • Q: What are the policy terms and conditions?
    A One-Design Program policy is for one year and is paid in full when you purchase the insurance. The policy premium is fully earned, which means there is no refund for canceling the policy mid term. However, if you sell your boat and forward a copy of the bill of sale to the program manager, any unused premium will be refunded. The policy renews automatically each year. Your One-Design policy is underwritten by The New Hampshire Insurance Company, which is a member company of AIG. For more information about AIG visit
  • Q: Why is there a higher racing deductible?
    The answer is quite simple – there are more accidents while racing. A higher deductible helps to keep premiums down by having the owner assume more of the risk while racing.
  • Q: Does the One-Design Program allow you to charter your boat?
    The One-Design Program does not automatically include charter coverage; it needs to be added to the policy. The One-Design Program offers two distinct types of charter coverage and each has a flat $100 additional charge.
    • For Someone Else: You are planning on chartering your boat (for a fee) to another person within the next 12 months.
    • For Yourself: You are planning on chartering the same class boat for your own use within the next 12 months.
  • Q: Do I have coverage when I trailer my boat?
    If the trailer is listed on your One-Design policy, there is physical damage coverage to both the boat and the trailer. Each has its own deductible. If you have an accident and there is physical damage or bodily injury to someone else, that liability damage or injury always follows the auto policy.
  • Q: What is Event Insurance?
    Event insurance is for sailors that do not have insurance for their boat, but are required by the NOR to provide proof of 3rd party liability insurance. A typical candidate for this would be someone chartering a boat or a non-US resident. Event Insurance is only available for domestic/US regattas.

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