The Burgee Program FAQs

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Q: What if our organization already has The Burgee Program from Gowrie Group?

If you already have insurance through The Burgee Program, you don't need to do anything. The program automatically includes bodily injury and property damage coverage for:

  • Regatta Liability - $1,000,000 Limit
  • Borrowed Boat - $1,000,000 Liability, includes Hull Physical damage coverage up to 85' LOA
  • General Liability - $1,000,000 Liability on land

Please contact Gowrie at 800.262.8911,, or your insurance broker if you have any further questions.

Q: How does my organization apply for Regatta Liability or Borrowed Boat insurance through The Burgee Program?

  • Complete the associated application (Regatta Liability application or Borrowed Boat application) and mail the completed application(s) with a check(s) for the full premium to the address below. Your application must be received before you take possession of the vessels and before the beginning of the event.
  • Mailing Address: Gowrie Group, 70 Essex Road, Westbrook, CT 06498

Q: Who can purchase this insurance?

  • Borrowed Boat: Borrowed boat insurance can only be purchased by the sponsoring organization. And the sponsoring organization must also have Regatta Liability insurance. The Borrowed Boat application should be completed by the event chairperson or the committee. The organization also much be an active US Sailing member (Join online).
  • Regatta Liability: Any organization sponsoring a regatta, that is an active US Sailing member (Join online).

Q: When is coverage effective?

  • Borrowed Boat: On the date your application and premium check are received. Coverage is effective for the duration of a single event, and all the days that you have possession of the vessels for this event only.
  • Regatta Liability: On the date your application and check are received. No short term cancellation credits are available.

Q: What is the cost of the insurance?

  • Borrowed Boat: 0.3% of the total hull value, with a minimum premium of $250.
  • Regatta Liability: The base premium is $500. There is an additional charge of $100 for up to 6 additional insureds, if required.

Q: Who is insured?

  • Borrowed Boat: The sponsoring organization for the event, its officers, employees, and members. Boats owners, non-paid skippers, and crew are “additional insureds”.
  • Regatta Liability: The race organizers, its officers, members, employees and volunteers.

Q: What coverage is included?

  • Borrowed Boat: $1,000,000 liability coverage plus physical damage to the hull, sails and rigging
  • Regatta Liability: Potential lawsuits for bodily injury and /or property damage which occurs on the water during races, regattas or cruises.

Q: What if we sponsor more than one event?

  • Borrowed Boat: Coverage must be purchased for each event separately. It may be more cost effective to purchase The Burgee Program in full if you sponsor more than one event. Please contact us at 800.262.8911, to learn more.
  • Regatta Liability: Is an annual policy that includes all races/regatta while the event is occurring on the water during the policy period.