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06/18/2021Live Well, Work Well - Outdoor Exercise Safety Tips View this item »
05/12/2021Live Well, Work Well - Self-care and Your Mental Health View this item »
04/15/2021Live Well, Work Well - Alcohol Awareness Month During COVID-19 Pandemic View this item »
03/18/2021Live Well, Work Well - Making Every Bite Count View this item »
02/05/2021Live Well, Work Well - 3 Ways to Boost Your Heart Health View this item »
01/21/2021Live Well, Work Well - 5 Ways to Start Your Year Off Right View this item »
10/07/2020Live Well, Work Well - Combating Pandemic Fatigue View this item »
09/03/2020Extremely Active 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted View this item »
09/03/2020Live Well, Work Well - Choosing an Effective Hand Sanitizer View this item »
08/12/2020Live Well, Work Well - Sorting Out Coronavirus Fact From Fiction View this item »
08/01/2020Gowrie Group Claim Reporting Steps View this item »
07/08/2020Live Well, Work Well - Boost Your Mental Well-being During These Uncertain Times View this item »
06/03/2020Live Well, Work Well - Why Cleaning Your Home Can Boost Overall Well-being View this item »
06/01/2020FEMA Emergency Supply Kit Checklist Read more »
06/01/2020FEMA Guidelines for Creating Your Family Emergency Communication Plan Read more »
05/05/2020Live Well, Work Well - Celebrate World No Tobacco Day by Learning About Smoking Cessation View this item »
04/01/2020Live Well, Work Well - Laughter May Be a Key in Fighting Workplace Stress View this item »
03/01/2020Live Well, Work Well - Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Expensive View this item »
02/05/2020Live Well, Work Well - February is American Heart Month View this item »
01/05/2020Live Well, Work Well - January 2020 View this item »
11/13/2019Live Well, Work Well - It's That Time of the Year Again: Flu Season Is Here View this item »
10/02/2019Live Well, Work Well - October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month View this item »
08/07/2019Live Well, Work Well - 1 in 5 Deaths Worldwide Associated With Poor Diets View this item »
07/10/2019Live Well, Work Well - Going Camping? Here's the Rundown of What You Need to Know View this item »
06/12/2019Live Well, Work Well - Fuel Your Workout the Right Way View this item »
05/01/2019Live Well, Work Well - 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Daily Mental Health View this item »
04/01/2019Live Well, Work Well - Don't Let Tax Filing Season Get the Best of You View this item »
03/06/2019Live Well, Work Well - Don't Let Spring Allergies Bring You Down View this item »
02/01/2019Live Well, Work Well - 2 Chronic Conditions That Can Cause Cancer View this item »
01/02/2019Live Well, Work Well - Beware: New Year = New Fad Diets View this item »
09/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - HBP Guidelines Have Changed: Do You Know Your Risk? View this item »
08/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - Sunrays Aren't the Only Thing You Can Catch at the Pool View this item »
07/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - WHO Calls for a Ban on Artificially Produced Trans Fat View this item »
06/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - Strawberries Named Dirtiest Produce View this item »
05/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - Despite CDC Recommendation, Many Adults Still Refusing Shingles Vaccine View this item »
04/28/2018IRS Announces Revision on HSA Limit for Family Coverage for 2018 View this item »
04/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - 5 Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Your Workday Hunger View this item »
03/07/2018IRS Reduces HSA Limit for Family Coverage for 2018 View this item »
03/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Expensive View this item »
02/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - 2 Chronic Conditions That Can Cause Cancer View this item »
01/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - January is Thyroid Awareness Month View this item »
12/11/2017Gowrie Proud to Be Part of Annual Markel Personal Lines 2017 Underwriting Round-Table View this item »
11/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Fight the Flu with These Simple Tips View this item »
10/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Halloween Safety Tips View this item »
09/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Do you know the signs of Opioid Addiction? View this item »
08/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Prevent Heat Illness View this item »
07/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Simple Summer Activities Your Kids Are Sure to Love View this item »
05/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - A Breath of Fresh Air View this item »
04/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Monitor Your Rice Intake View this item »
03/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Prepare for Tax Season View this item »
02/07/2017Gowrie Group - Equine Insurance Experts View this item »
02/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - February is American Heart Month View this item »
01/05/2017Employee Brochure "live well, work well": New Year's Resolutions View this item »
10/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Breast Cancer Awareness Month View this item »
09/25/2016Gowrie Group recognized for 6th straight year among CT's Top Workplaces View this item »
09/08/2016Gowrie Proud to be a Presenting Sponsor of the 2016 A-List Awards View this item »
09/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Taking Responsibility for your Retirement Fund View this item »
08/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Zika: Why Men Should Be Concerned Too View this item »
07/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": FDA Moves to Regulate the Sale of E-cigarettes View this item »
06/20/2016Gowrie Group Sponsors Ox Ridge June Horse Show View this item »
06/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Detergent Packet Poisoning View this item »
06/01/2016Scott Shiland Joins Gowrie Group as Head of the Boston Office View this item »
05/26/2016Gowrie Group Sponsors Devon Horse Show View this item »
05/10/2016Good news for insuring coastal properties and island homes. View this item »
05/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Healthy Lifestyles View this item »
05/02/2016Could you be sued by your nanny, gardener, or driver? View this item »
04/25/2016Family Risk Management: Protecting Your Family View this item »
04/20/2016Gowrie Group: Waterfront and Coastal Insurance Experts View this item »
04/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Loneliness Considered a Public Health Problem View this item »
03/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Lead Water Poisoning View this item »
02/15/2016Steve Schram and Gowrie Group Featured in Stamford Advocate & Greenwhich Times View this item »
02/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - ACA Reporting Deadlines Delayed View this item »
01/05/2016Gowrie Launches Family Risk Management Solution View this item »
01/05/2016Whitepaper and Infographic: New and Latent Threats to Affluent Families View this item »
01/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": In Defense of Coffee, Sugar Substitutes, New Year's Resolutions View this item »
01/01/2016Gowrie Group Donates $1500 to Veteran Angler Charters View this item »
11/15/2015Gowrie Launches Challenge to Raise One Million Dollars for Shoreline Soup Kitchen View this item »
11/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Simple tips to reduce food waste View this item »
10/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Monitor Physical Activity with a Fitness Tracker View this item »
09/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - September is fruit and veggie month View this item »
07/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - The Effect of E-cigarettes on Health View this item »
06/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - The Health Benefits of Sunlight Exposure View this item »
05/12/2015Gowrie Group Sponsors Devon Horse Show View this item »
05/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - May Is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month View this item »
05/01/2015Gowrie collects used bikes to benefit "Bikes for Kids" on May 21st and supports the Tour de Lyme ride View this item »
04/30/2015Risk Report: Portable Fire Extinguishers View this item »
04/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Cholestoral is not so bad View this item »
04/02/2015Risk Report: Detailed Guide to Understanding Electric Shock Drowning View this item »
03/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - March is National Nutrition Month View this item »
02/05/2015Message from Gowrie about the Cyber Attack on Anthem View this item »
02/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Avoiding the flu, Take care of your eyes View this item »
01/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Goal Setting in 2015 View this item »
12/09/20142014: A Year of Gowrie Group Milestones and Celebrating 40 Years in Business View this item »
07/21/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin: 3rd Quarter 2014 Read more »
05/06/2014Benefits & Health May Update View this item »
05/05/2014Gowrie Sponsors Devon Horse Show and Kiley Prime Set to Compete View this item »
04/28/2014Spring Commissioning & Boating Safety Resources View this item »
04/23/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin: 2nd Quarter 2014 Read more »
04/16/2014Employee Brochure "live well, work well": April is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) month Read more »
04/14/2014Flood Insurance Q&A for Financial Advisers View this item »
03/31/2014Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Spring Weather Hazards, Combating Allergy Season, Reboot Your Workout, and Spring Clean Your Finances Read more »
03/19/2014Risk Report: Smart & Safe Ladder Usage View this item »
03/06/20142014 Affordable Care Act Seminar Hosted by Gowrie Group View this item »
02/11/2014Employee Brochure "live well, work well": February is Heart Health Month, Cell Phone Radiation Read more »
02/04/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: US DOL releases definition of "expected benefits", IRS Guidelines on benefit plan elections for same-sex spouses Read more »
02/01/2014Gowrie Group partners with Mystic Seaport to protect the past and secure the future View this item »
01/30/2014Gowrie Raises an Incredible $145,000 to Benefit the Shoreline Soup Kitchens View this item »
01/21/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin: 1st Quarter 2014 Read more »
01/20/2014Gowrie Soup Kitchen Challenge Final Results - $145,000 - WLIS Radio Interview with Whitney Peterson, Patty Dowling, and Lindas Dillon View this item »
01/14/2014Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Two screening tests to help prevent cervical cancer, Adding Yoga to your daily routine Read more »
01/07/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz - Key Changes to 2015 Reinsurance Program Read more »
12/10/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz - FSA changes, Individual mandate penalties Read more »
12/04/2013WLIS radio Interview - Shoreline Soup Kitchen Gowrie Challenge View this item »
11/01/2013Tips for Safer Winter Lay-up Afloat View this item »
10/21/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin - 4th Quarter 2013 Read more »
10/09/2013John Fisher, Featured Speaker at "Real Value of Art" Seminar at Florence Griswold Museum View this item »
10/07/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: IRS ruling on same-sex couples, Individual Mandate for January 2014 Read more »
10/07/2013New England Hurricanes: Before the Next Big One View this item »
10/01/201310-Tips from Gowrie Group's Safety & Loss Prevention Expert View this item »
09/18/2013Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Flu Season information, How to swap outgrown children's clothes Read more »
09/09/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Department of Labor deails on FMLA for Same Sex Spouses, Model Exchange Notices Read more »
08/20/2013Health Care Reform: Model Exchange/Marketplace Notice to Employees Read more »
08/15/2013Health Care Reform: Small Group Eligible for Health Care Tax Credit Read more »
08/06/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Delay of Employer Mandate penalties, Individual Mandate exemptions Read more »
07/31/2013Gowrie Group Benefits: Gowrie Answers Your Healthcare Reform Questions Read more »
07/29/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin - 3rd Quarter 2013 Read more »
07/24/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Wellness Programs, PCORI Fees Read more »
06/17/2013Gowrie article, “How Boating Incidents Can Expose Personal Assets” featured in Worth magazine View this item »
06/01/20132013 Hurricane Season: Preparedness Guidelines View this item »
05/21/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin - 2nd Quarter 2013 Read more »
03/01/2013Kiley Prime Joins Gowrie as a Personal Lines and Equine Insurance Producer View this item »
02/01/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin - 1st Quarter 2013 Read more »
01/21/2013Gowrie Winter Weather Center: Tips & Precautions View this item »
01/10/2013Gowrie Expands Equine Practice with Addition of Industry Expert Holly Griffin View this item »
11/16/2012Hurricane Sandy FEMA Information & Resources View this item »
11/14/2012Recovering from Hurricane SANDY - Gowrie Group Catastrophe Claim Team View this item »
09/15/2012Gowrie article, “Smarter Risk Management for Equine Related Exposures,” featured in Worth magazine special section View this item »
08/15/2012Gowrie article, “Specialized Risk-Management Plans for Families,” featured in Worth magazine special section View this item »
02/07/2012Benefits Buzz February 2012: EEOC Regs impact age discrimmination claims and more Read more »
01/30/2012Benefits Bulletin - 1st Quarter 2012 Read more »
01/17/2012Gowrie Group January Benefits Buzz - The developments made in 2011 to Healthcare Reform Law Read more »
01/05/2012Smart Insurance for Trailerable Sailboats Read more »
10/11/2011Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: COBRA premium subsidy program and the proposed guidance by the IRS on the "Pay or Play" requirements mandated by Healthcare Reform Read more »
09/14/2011Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: the pros and cons of "passive" vs. "active" open enrollment meetings for employees as well as recently expanded preventive coverage guidelines for women Read more »
08/08/2011Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Common legal mistakes on employee handbooks, stress management through wellness initiatives, and more Read more »
07/25/2011Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Information on employee retention, promoting active employee lifestyles, and more Read more »
07/05/2011Benefits Q3 Bulletin: New Rule Controlling Premium Increases, Wellness Initiatives, Consumer Driven Health Plans, and more Read more »
06/06/2011Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: 2012 Annual HSA Contribution limits, New Medicare Part D Model Disclosure Notices, and more Read more »
12/09/2010Winterizing Your Home Read more »
12/06/2010Preparing Your Vehicles for Winter Usage Read more »
12/06/2010Winter Driving Tips Read more »
11/08/2010Annual Medicare Creditable Coverage Reminder Read more »
09/07/2010Health Care Reform: 3 changes go into effect on September 23rd Read more »
09/01/2010Gowrie Group ranked as the #1 Privately-held Insurance Agency in CT Read more »
08/25/2010John Owsianik Joins Gowrie Group as a Producer and Insurance Advisor Read more »
07/27/2010New Model CT Continuation Notice From for 30 Month Extended Coverage Read more »
11/12/2009Gowrie Group's Claim Tips Read more »
08/26/2009Protecting Your Family and Home from Hurricanes and Severe Weather Read more »
11/21/2006Bryan Schwartz Joins GBB Expanding the Personal Lines Department Read more »
06/01/2006Hurricane Checklist for Homes Read more »
12/01/2005Gowrie Expands Personal Lines Department Read more »
07/01/2004Gowrie, Barden & Brett Welcomes Dennis Schmelzer Read more »

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